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Romantic Volcano


Hallo LJ land, hope you're having a wonderful December 25th whether or not Christmas is your holiday of choice. I know I am.

Granted I've been up and finishing the cooking I had to do for family togethertime BUT I just saw the e-mail with my yuletide fic and OMG it's sooooooooo awesome!Rince and Repeat is a Glitch (the game I waxed poetic on)/Discworld fic that is the best of all possible explanations for Rube (which my request was for Rube backstory so absolutely perfect)

Anyway, it should be a nice day for me. Presents and breakfast with the roommate's this morning. Presents and dinner with family later which I'm sure will involve loads of drinking (I'm already planning on spending the night at aunt's just in case, good thing I live like 10 min away and don't have to work tomorrow). Maybe mom and her husband will come up earlier and I'll make us lunch but it seems unlikely given her track record.

BUT YES, Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! <33333


Merry Christmas!