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Romantic Volcano

Just some thoughts I have when I wake up at 5 freaking am on a Saturday

Thought the first: The other day I was chatting with my roommates about our childhood's and we realized it's kinda funny how looking back you can see how the things we did then were indicative of where we are now. I was telling the story of how my sister and I used to come up with wild elaborate stories for our dolls/toys and then when we were bored figure out how to kill/destroy them and it was mostly my sister pulling some crazy idea out and I'd come up with the plan. Now she's finishing up her art degree and I'm a scientist.

Thought the second: Why isn't there somewhere you can rent clothes online like there is for movies and games? Seriously, I did laundry last night and was putting them away this morning. It was two full loads and yet my drawers and hangers looked completely full. I could have gone another 2 months with only washing my jeans and underwear/socks and always be in clean clothes.

The thing is...I love buying clothes but I only wear about 30% of my wardrobe regularly since there are 3 places I spend 90% of my time; work, home, the gym. My other clothes I wear a couple times if I'm lucky before I get bored and move on. Even my work clothes I get super bored with within a month or two. It'd be so awesome if I could rent out some of those mid to high end brands I love and then when I get bored, return them. Same with shoes. And jackets. IDK I just want a constantly rotating wardrobe without being stuffed to the gills with clothes. I feel like there's a way this could work.

Thought the third: Now that I have my shiny new camera I really need to learn how to use it. Must contact photographer friends. Also, decided to start blogging about my NP obsession, more for a personal record than anything else. If you're interested it's All the Lacquer.

And now off to the gym. I don't know when it happened but I'm at the gym like 5 times a week now, it's nuts and kinda great. I run and go to yoga on Mondays, work with my personal trainer Tuesdays, run and go to pilates Wednesdays, sometimes go to yoga or bootcamp conditioning on Thursdays, skip Fridays, go to Cycle or Body Works + Abs either Saturday or Sunday (or both, cycle one day, body works the next)


Ugh, that would be a wonderful thing if we could rent clothes. I wonder if it'd be possible for you to find someone (probably a friend? otherwise it'd be weird) who wears the same size as you and has the same style as you... and swap with them? That'd probably be really hard with the size and style requirements, but who knows!
I know I've read about online clothes sharing communities before...I don't know if this is the one I knew about, but when I did a google search this came up:

I'm sure there must be others!