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Lin Walking

So...it might be July?

Whoops? Ok, whatever, been gone forever. Why is it that it's whenever I get back into TV that I find my way back here (and yes, I have been pretty TV light the past 6 months. Grimm and Revenge were basically the only dramas I watched this spring and then there was the usual comedy lineup). I guess it's because my life is exactly the same. I go to work, I go to the gym, I go home, I do my nails. Whatever.

Anyway, since I've been all up with the fic reading and tv watching, I think it's time to get back with the LJ posting.

Ok what am I watching?

Leverage - I quite enjoyed the season opener even though I only watched because Christian Kane was all you best watch or else on his twitter since I'm really only mid s2.
White Collar - Again with the super behind but watched the opener anyway because it was on after Political Animals. Luckily I still read fic so I knew what happened.
Political Animals - EEE Barrish is a total HBIC! I really enjoyed the first ep, can't wait for more. Torn about whether I'm happy or sad it's a miniseries since at least miniseries typically have a really clear direction which I appreciate.
Common Law - I know USA just keeps the same formula for all it's shows but I don't care. It's a damn good formula and I relate to Wes so much. The one thing I hate about this show is the dog-piling on Wes during the therapy sessions, it makes me so freaking uncomfortable. That whole there's no emotional equivalent to sex thing? Made me want to punch Travis in the balls.
Suits - Umm duh. I love that I managed to convert my roommate to this since we don't really have much overlap in shows but it's fun to watch with someone. We don't let the other roommate delete eps since we're saving up for a marathon.
So You Think You Can Dance - My early favourites are Cole and Eliana although after last week Lindsay (totally off my radar) and Amelia (affection really bugged me) started to grow on me. This is the one show both my roommates and I watch so that's always fun.
Bunheads - I've read and heard interviews with ASP about how she wasn't trying to make another Gilmore Girls with this show but it's really hard not to draw the comparisons what with the quirky small town and the super fast talking brunette and Buddhist Emily Gilmore but still, it's a fun show and Sutton Foster is kinda awesome and the teenagers are fun and there's no super perfect Rory Gilmore for everyone to fawn over.

And shows I'm catching up on/caught up on
Happy Endings - I don't know why this show wasn't in my life before. That was a dumb move for sure. Mainlined s1 in a day, thinking about rewatching before moving on to s2.
The Good Wife - So freaking good. I watched s1 and 2 in about a week each and ugh, I really need to see s3 and see if Amelia and Will really went through with it because they are so freaking adorable and I need more Cary and I want to be Kalinda and I want an Eli Gold talking to me all the time and yeah, I just really love this show.
Breaking Bad - Ok, technically I just started watching and am only 2 eps since but I totally see why my coworker and mom's husband have been trying to get me to watch it for years. Kinda glad s5 is being split since I'll definitely be caught up by the time they start airing the second half so I'll at least get to watch some of it live (I was going to shoot for watching the first 4 seasons in 3 weeks but eh, that seems a bit much)
Hart of Dixie - I didn't mean to watch this, I just happened to be on the couch when my one roommate decided to catch up on the 10 eps on the DVR and I...kinda got sucked in. Show has awesome music and adorable characters and Scott Porter and I really have no idea what choice I'd prefer Zoe to make.

And...I think that's it. Shit that's a lot of TV. Especially when you consider most of this was in the last 3 weeks or so. We'll talk books and music and my pathetic life later.


Well luckily its on USA home of the not quite Bravo levels of reruns so I'm sure there'll be plenty of chances to catch it. It's really enjoyable.

Lol yeah, that does throw me. It'd be so much better with his proper accent. When I listened to all 3 Leviathan audios it was the best ever because it was his voice all the time for weeks.