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Romantic Volcano

My Latest Tattoo

So I've described the scene I'm going to have on my leg before where on my lower leg it's going to be a big 'ol twisted tree with two little girls sleeping under it and then on my upper leg it's their dream scene. I decided back in November that part of that dream scene was going to be the house from UP. Back in January I got the line work done for it.

And then in March I got the balloons coloured.

And then...things happened and I had to reschedule my last appointment a few times but Thursday I FINALLY got the house coloured!

Seriously, how awesome is my artist? He's the one who did my Harry Potter tattoo too and now I've got to start hounding my sister for the sketch of the tree (I really want her to do the basic art for it and then have my artist adapt it because those girls are supposed to be us) because I'd really like to get started on it in a few months. It'll take some saving for the line work though, especially since I'm also trying to save for a Europe trip in the fall.

But...I posted this on a forum I post to a lot and immediately out came the tattoo naysayers (and it was on a tattoo specific thread so not like it was OT) and they just ended up really pissing me off but I didn't really want to respond there so I'm doing it here.

It's like first, my body, none of your business you don't even know me so shut the fuck up.

Second, just because I didn't explain why I got this tattoo or the fact that it's part of a larger scene doesn't mean there wasn't any reason behind it. Look, I don't subscribe to the every tattoo has to have some deep hidden meaning to it (oh yeah, this smoke pipe is the exact replica of my great great great grandads that's been passed down in the family for generations. Yeah, this is my mom's face) because I think it's perfectly fine to get tattoos just because they look good. I do however think there is a story behind every tattoo (except maybe first tattoos by the very young and those tend to get removed *eyes foot* which look, even that I can't and don't regret because if I hadn't been stupid and impulsive then I don't know that I would have had the courage to get my second tattoo which is actually deeply personal and led to the rest) and that story can be just as important as the deeper than the ocean meaning some people think tattoos need.

And third, still none of your fucking business.


Oh my goodness, your tattoos look GORGEOUS all colored in. So well done!

I really can't stand people who think it's their business to tell you how they feel about your tattoos, particularly when they are huge strangers. Sigh. Forget them!