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Romantic Volcano

Oh Ryan Murphy, I'm Not Sure if I Can Trust You

But I'm sure as hell going to try because the pilot for The New Normal was so freaking delightful. So glad Andrew Rennels was on Fresh Air today which made me want to watch rather than just feel obligated to check it out since it has Justin Bartha whom I love.

Honestly, people were all oh its NBC trying to do Modern Family buts its kinda not which is why it totally works (for the pilot at least. But Ryan Murphy does really good first seasons of shows so I feel safe for now). I love how Andrew Rennels was all Justin Bartha doesn't make a big deal about being a straight guy playing a gay character, he's just playing a great character in his interview. Now I love them both. Idk this show just hits all the feels! Its super sweet and funny and...I'm trying not to get too excited (think I failed) but its off to a really promising start.

Also, The Voice started and I'm reminded why I watch this show. Adam and Blake are too freaking adorable and they really do have the best auditions of any karoke show, even Carson manages to be tolerable during them. Too bad it gets really boring during the Battle Rounds and like every other karoke show during the Live Rounds.

Watching Go On since I'm too lazy to change the channel while tyoing this (ps. Why does LJ habe such shit mobile support? Now I remeber why I'm never on here, all my browsing these days is via tablet or phone). This shit better get canceled fast. I think they created this show off some mythical "what should work on TV" formula


I watched the Go On pilot awhile ago. I don't really expect it to be any good or to make it, but I will watch at least a few more episodes because I love Matthew Perry in Friends. I don't think he has done anything else good, probably because he just absolutely is Chandler...but I'll try!

But yeah, it wasn't so good.
Yeah that's the other reason I didn't change the channel, I'm a big ol Matthew Perry fan. I mean I kegut enjoyed Mr. sunshine (although that was probably more Allison Janey) and Studio 60 wasn't terrible, but this...wow. Matthew Perry probably won't ever top Chandler but his attempts at breaking from the role have been kinda pathetic.
Studio 60 was pretty decent. I just couldn't get into it, personally. I know a lot of people like it.