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Nov. 16th, 2011

Romantic Volcano

Nothing To See Here

Dear yuletide author;

You already have my undying love so don't worry too much ok?Collapse )

Nov. 11th, 2011

Romantic Volcano

Just a couple things

1)I still suck. Not news.

2)yuletide noms are finally open! And despite having had ages to think about them I still only know I'm nomming Skullduggery Pleasant and I don't even know how to narrow it down to 4 characters! I mean obviously China Sorrows and Tanith Low, but who for the other two? But yeah, if anyone has a 4th fandom they want to nom or extra characters they want nommed let me know since I have two slots left. But YAY yuletide!

3)I've been completely consumed by Glitch and have done nothing but work, workout and then go home and play for the last two weeks. Semirose there if anyone else plays and if you don't play, you should!

4)LEAKYCON 2012 IN CHICAGO! OMG so excited. Between that and WorldCon Chicago is the place to be for cons next August. Anyone going to either? I'm so going to both. And if anyone needs a place to crash for either we have tons of room. I wonder how my roommates will feel when I flood the place with HP nutters (I love my roommates but they are distressingly nongeeky)...oh man I hope we don't schedule the summer bbq for that weekend although if we do everyone can come over and pig out.

5)When on earth am I going to find the time to play Skyrim and Uncharted 3 and Arkham City? Not to mention new Assasins Creed next week and why is it I work so much again? Can't I just lay in bed and play video games all day long?

Aug. 11th, 2011

Romantic Volcano

there was new suits tonight

And it was awesome, god I love this show so freaking much!

in which I babbleCollapse )

There was also new Project Runway. I'm really hoping someone grows on me, or at least stops irritating me so much. I wish they'd just sent all 4 of those idiots on the bottom home so we can out some of those overinflated cranky ass bitch egos. Maybe I'll skip the next few weeks and wait til they're all so loopy from the challenges and disheartened by the judges that they just act weird. Also, I can't decide if there's actually more cranky gays this season or if theyre just getting more screentime than everyone else. whatever less annoying people, just keep your head down and let those drama bitches get eliminated. Maybe once we cut out a few more they'll stop feeding each other.

I'm kinda tempted to just find out who won so you think you can dance. I haven't cared since my fav got eliminated (Jess) and this season has been annoying me since the whole Iveta/Nick elimination. I just don't know if I cam bothered to watch tonight's and last night's eps. I mean I could be rewatching Suits instead.

Once the internet comes back (bless you smart phone) I'll have to find some Suits icons. And I'm almost tempted to write some Rachel/Jenny. This fandom needs some fem slash. Or ooo Donna/Jessica. I mean I love the Mike/Harvey and I really need people to get on board with Mike/Louis, but the boys' voices just aren't coming to me.

Aug. 8th, 2011

Romantic Volcano

New fandom I can has

Oh guys, I've fallen hard and fast for Suits. Friday evening I watched my first ep and it's now Monday evening and I've seen every ep twice and I think I've read 80% of the fic that has been posted. I don't even know how USA keeps making the same show over and over again and yet I never get sick of it. They're like magic.

Umm, I was supposed to post about ComicCon forever ago wasn't I? Except, I'm lazy and I just want to get back to Suits love so I'll just say that Karen Gillan handed me a burrito and touched my hand and I'm never ever going to get over that. But honestly, as much fun as I had at ComicCon, it wasn't really super exciting for people who weren't me so I imagine it'd be a fairly boring write-up.

I really should be digging around for my social security card which I fear is at my mother's but I really really really hope it's here because I'm supposed to get all my paperwork finalized tomorrow so I can start working with the company instead of through the temp agency (did I mention that here? Well, they finally decided to hire me on as an employee. More pay, benefits, etc. Exciting and good for my career but ugh, means a couple more years dying in the 'burbs. Still, I'm happy.) and I don't really want to drive to Rockford to get it. I really hope I can find it at all though.
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Jul. 15th, 2011

Weird Universe

Harry Potter, You Own My Heart Forever (and apparently my tears too)

Ended up going to a 3am showing of HP:DH2 since they were all sold out of midnight everywhere. Guys, 3am showings are the best. Minimal crowds, great audience, no kids, no crazy, no waiting an hour to get out of the parking lot, it's light out as your drive home, idk it was just awesome. There was crying and laughing and a resounding "oh fuck no" when the 19 years later screen came up and yeah, good experience, they should do this more often.


Mostly. Ok, I think it had some of the best scenes of the entire series. There were cheesy bits and why the fuck did they do that bits and bits that could have been added/cut and I'm still not sure how I feel about the movie as a whole, but oh man, some of those scenes were done so brilliantly it doesn't even matter because the rest is just connectors for those.

I cried. I wasn't really expecting too, but I did. There was one girl in my theater you could hear sobbing for like the last hour of the movie. That was weird.

I never did re-watch DH1 so it'll be interesting to see how they flow together. Maybe when I get back from California I'll take a day to watch 1 and then go see 2 right after.


And now I have to try and get two hours of sleep so I don't go all zombie at work tomorrow.

Jul. 9th, 2011

Romantic Volcano

oh Harry Potter, I still love you

Went to my mom's today because I was bored and sister was home. Went to lunch with mom and then sister and I dst around and read two months of Entertainment Weeklys and switched between the ARC Family HP marathon and the TeenNick Degrassi marathon (best cracked combo marathon ever, just switched during commercials)

It makes me realize, I'm still as in love with HP as I was when I was 12 years old and eagerly devouring the first 3 and then impatiently waiting for GoF. I mean, I objectively knew that and I love my Harry Potter tattoo (got to explain that one to my boss boss the other day) but sometimes I forget just how much I love the series and the characters and just everything. My fandom involvement dwindled severely after I graduated high school and my memories of the last 3 books are fuzzy at best. But even so, I love it all. I met some of my closest friends through fandom and even though HP wasn't my first (3rd actually, Gundam Wing then Star
Wars came first), its the reason fandom was such a huge part of my life for 10 years (the last two years have been fandomlite but I'm sure I'll find something that draws me in eventually)

I have a feeling for the next week I'm going to be devouring old school Harry Potter fic, maybe from that golden age of post GoF when everything was all shiny and exciting.

Also, I really med to buy my ticket for the midnight showing. Probably just going to one of the theaters close to home. Work the next morning and all that, will do the 3D IMAX thing later (after or at SDCC likely)

I'm sure there will be another sappy HP post from me later but now its time for dinner with sister and mother.

PS: so bummed that this not paid account thing means I don't have my Percy cauldron bottom icon anymore. That was my very first icon when I started this LJ 8 years ago.

ETA: two things about dinner with the family. Love going to nice places with sister because we are always in tune about what to order so we can split both and be happy. Hate hate hate going with my mother who comments on things like omg $25 a plate and flags down wrong waitresses and hates leaving a proper tip (luckily I just write it in before she can check) and ugh.
Romantic Volcano


Just bought my ticket for the Live Nerdist podcast during SDCC. MATT SMITH AND KAREN GILLAN! Bummed about no Arthur Darvill but ah well. I even got over my intense TicketMaster hate to get them. How is this coming up so fast?!?!? I swear I'll be caught up with Who before I leave, really.

Now, do I want to get a ticket for W00tstock 3.0 as well? I mean I do, but do I really? TORN. AND that means having to pay awful TicketMaster fees again and do I really want to do that? For Mr. Face and Ms. Legs obviously I had to but idk idk idk.

Jun. 25th, 2011

Weird Universe

Up and at 'em

HAPPY BIRTHDAY kefira!!!!!!!!

I hope it's absolutely wonderful!

It's Saturday and I woke up at 6:30, what's wrong with me? And it's not even hot (I don't sleep when I'm hot, it sucks, luckily the weather has been unseasonably cool this week) so that doesn't explain it. Whatever.

Had a job interview yesterday (although it was supposed to be Wednesday. That's a harrowing story involving me being 30 min late because of stupid traffic and their phones being down so I couldn't call to let them know. Both were because of the storm Tuesday night and all the power it knocked out but it worked out in the end), I think it went well but ugh I want this job so bad and I know I shouldn't let myself want a job this bad because if I don't get it it'll suck so much more. But the company seems awesome and the works seems interesting and the location means I can move to the city and ERHGIW#Q4u3y5t4eoijnqw PLEASE HIRE ME.

Hey, is it kosher to use a current supervisor as a reference? We were trying to figure this out when I was at work yesterday. He's not my boss boss, but he is still my supervisor and we just weren't sure. I mean obviously since we were having this discussion he's willing and he knows I'm job searching (and he supports it since he knows I'm underpaid and underutilized), but does it look ok to have a current supervisor as a reference?

Can anyone recommend any Tim Drake centric h/c fic? I've started reading Red Robin and that's got me hankering for fic. Any time, any pairing, anything, I just need more Tim Drake in my life. Also, can anyone recommend any TPBs that he has a good storyline in?

Finally started watching FMA:Brotherhood and of course loving it. It's a shame the version streaming on Netflix is in English since that means I either have to get the discs from the library or Netflix. I could have sworn when I tried to watch it a few months ago it was streaming in Japanese, but maybe I was hallucinating that.

Have Game of Thrones all dled, hopefully I'll start watching it soon. I just...I'm SO lazy when it comes to watching things. I'm not even caught up on Doctor Who, still not even close to caught up on White Collar, why is watching TV such a chore? I don't understand it.

Random Rec: "Read" The Arrival last night and it was brilliant and gorgeous and fantastic.

And finally, YAY NEW YORK!

Jun. 9th, 2011

Weird Universe

More Birthdayness!

Happy Happy Birthday pie_is_good and musicianatheart!

So there is a cheese on wine.woot today and I got chosen to rat it ("lab rats" are people they send products to before they go live and those people have to post reviews) and oh man is it amazing. If you like cheese (and let's face it, who doesn't), and have the money (very good deal for delicious artisan cheese), and live in the U.S. (sorry, silly shipping) then you really should consider buying this cheese. I seriously want to just eat it forever, it goes with everything and even though I got my 2lb quarter wedge for free I ordered another one because that first wedge is so not going to last long.

I realized as I was at the library today that even though I borrow other books all the time, it's been a couple months since I've actually ready any books that weren't related to food in some way. Cookbooks (and is it weird that I like to sit and read cookbooks cover to cover? I guess it depends on the cookbook though), collections of food writing essays, history of different food/ingredients, books about restaurants and chefs and different cuisines (I'll write up a list with thoughts later if anyone is interested, too lazy to go link hunting now). I swear this time I will try and read the other books I got as well as the food books.

This whole 4-midnight shift is driving me a little insane. Especially since the reason for it (project one of the lab units they wanted extended lab coverage on and they don't trust the new temp to run it by herself) isn't even working right and who knows when they'll get it going. I like working first shift and I'm barely sleeping anyway (can't sleep when it's hot and we haven't turned on the a/c yet) so it's not like sleeping in is a factor.

May. 10th, 2011

Romantic Volcano

In the land of the pig, random butchering pwns all

FINALLY started watching Hawaii 5-0, loooooooove it. Granted I've only seen the first 7 eps (and yesterday's which I'm watching now because I couldn't resist hurt!Danny), but yes, massive love. Also, I love Larissa Oleynik with the short brown hair, she's too adorable (ahh being 10 and crushing on Alex Mack, although not as hard as I crushed on Winnie Cooper)

This show did get me thinking about my fic reading preferences for some odd reason, mainly in terms of h/c (of which I'm a total junkie of) and made me realize that in every fandom I read fic in I always have a chosen character I like to see whumped and I cannot read fic where other characters are the injured party. In this case it has to be hurt!Danny and it does not matter how much I like Steve, it's such a chore trying to read fic where he's the one hurt. Sometimes the character will change (NCIS originally it was Tony, now it's McGee, SGA it was Carson then Shep then Lorne, HP it was Harry-->Percy-->Sirius-->Ron), sometimes it won't (SN has always been Danny, Mag7 Vin, SPN Dean, etc) but it's always always one at a time. Weird since that's really the only thing I'm so mono about, I'm so polyfandom and ship everyone and will read romance and humor and basically any other genre with a focus on any characters I like but with the whumping it's only one.

Moving on, so last weekend (not two days ago, the one before that)I went up to Madison and hung out with my sister and her friends (there was a brief drunken post I believe) for Mifflin. It was...I mean it was fun, hard not to when you're having drunken shenanigans and going on a 2 day bender but it was also a bit strange. My cousin came up too (we're the same age) and we were discussing the difference between college drinking (SHIT CRAP FUCK I JUST DELETED THAT HAWAII 5-0 EP FROM THE DVR AND ROOMMATE HADN'T SEEN IT YET. PLEASE TELL ME THERE'S A RERUN SOON) and after college drinking after noticing a bottle of Mr. Boston vodka at one of the apartments we stopped at. It's just, if we want to drink we spring for something slightly more than moonshine (well ok, I don't really buy liquor except for small batch artisan gins which go for $30+/bottle and don't count, but you know what I mean) because y'know, we have full time jobs and don't have to drink paint thinner.

I've lost my train of thought, oh well it was probably pretty boring anyway. Something about SJA, not being caught up on Who, really needing to see Game of Thrones, and random lifey bits. Another time.

PS: Mark Sheppard's voice makes me swoon. *sparklyheartsaroundCanton*

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