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Oct. 26th, 2015

Romantic Volcano

Heeeeeeeeeey Yulegoat, what's the what?

Dearest Yulegoat,
How's it going? You excited for this the most wonderful time of the year?

First of all thank you so much! I know I'm going to love anything you write because how could I not so let's all relax and have some fun! In general I don't really have any hard squicks but I'm not super interested in purely porn fic. I love family closeness (found or otherwise) and shenanigans and heists. Hamilton and Gotham Academy I'm fine with shippiness, Over the Garden Wall I'd prefer not with each other, B99 no thank you please they are best bros. If you feel the need to stalk me I am semirose almost everywhere on the internets (except tumblr because someone took the name I've been using on the internets for 14 years now! Rude! It's geekomai there) although twitter is your best bet for finding current info.

Over the Garden Wall - Auntie Whispers, Adelaide

I love literally everything about this world and there is nothing you could write that would disappoint me. I was tempted to ask for Wirt and Greg because yay siblings! But the entire show is about Wirt and Greg and I realized I wanted to go deeper into the woods and luckily the show provides us with the perfect pair of sisters to explore! What was it like growing up in the woods? How did they end up on such different paths? Do they know the Woodsman? Have they been to Pottsfield or any of the other places we saw? Met the people we met? Have they ever left the woods? I just want anything set at any time! I'd definitely welcome anyone else showing up in the story.

Gotham Academy - Olive, Pomeline

I know I know our dorky fangirl Maps is literally the best part of Gotham Academy and I didn't request her, how dare I, but I just couldn't resist Olive and Pomeline's antagonistic relationship! I'm such a sucker for frenemies and I just can't see Maps/Olive just yet (the hero worship is just too strong and there's the whole Kyle thing...maybe in a few years...which actually if you want to go to there, I'm fine with that too. Maps is always welcome!). ANYWAY Olive and Pom, I honestly can't think of a situation I wouldn't want really! In school, out of school, present, future, past, supportive of each other, completely at odds, solving mysteries, just hanging out, hate sex, bored making out, Maps POV, anything!

A Dark Room - Builder

Builder is so freaking fascinating! I mean leader of an occultist group joined with humans against the Admiral (sorry, I know I'm referencing The Ensign a lot but it just gives so much more info on her! Here's some screenshots but warning for war/genocide talk) hanging out on a ravaged earth stoking a fire? I love her and want to know more! Before, during, after the rebellion, I just want to know!

Hamilton - Laurens

LMM said something somewhere about if Laurens had survived he would've been Hamilton's Madison and it stuck with me so much, especially after listening to Dinner at Mr. Jefferson's (aka the room where it happened) which goes on quite a bit about Madison and Jefferson's relationship and how they balanced each other and I'm always so sad that Hamilton was so close to having that and didn't get it.

I'd love a fic from Lauren's POV, during the war, AU where he survived, AU where he's a zombie, no AU just watching from the other side, just him being there for Hamilton in anyway he can even if A.Ham doesn't know it.

Brooklyn 99 - Charles, Rosa

Charles and Rosa are the best bros ever ahhhhhh! I love their relationship so much and just want more more and more! Period. End of Story. Exclamation point. (But Rosa and Charles talking about new Gilmore Girls would be amazing. Also relationship buddies. Also anything.)

Feb. 16th, 2013

Romantic Volcano

Oh hi there...

IDK I'm not going to say I'm going to start using LJ again since that obviously never works but I want to so I shall try.

Tonight I went to a Dala gig and oh I left the show feeling so happy and smiley because those two are so lovely and cute and funny on stage. I hadn't even heard of them until a couple weeks ago when they were on WBEZ but as soon as they started playing I knew I was going to love them and oh how I do.

I was actually crying when they played Horses. That second verse is so homehitting.

And then they followed it up with Best Day which was so necessary after the emotional punch of Horses.

The only thing about the gig was I was sitting at a table with this super cute lesbian couple and they reminded me of my aloneness =( Someday I'll be in a super cute lesbian couple and go see super cute folk duos. I've decided this is a new life goal.

Oh, one more thing. Great Escape totally reminded me of super fluffy Sterek fic. (idek I've only seen a couple eps of Teen Wolf 'cause most of the characters annoy me but I've spent the last few days weeks mainlineing Sterek fic so everything reminds me of Sterek really but still, this song is so worked through the angsty issues and living an awesome life together Sterek)

Oct. 23rd, 2012

Romantic Volcano

Dear Yuletide Author...

Wow, sorry my dear yulegoat that I fail completely at this letter writing thing. Sorry for making you have Elyn poke me too!

Here's my mostly useless letterCollapse )

Oct. 22nd, 2012

Romantic Volcano

A To Do List and Suggestions S'il Vous Plait

So I'm going to Paris on Thursday and have spent exactly zero time on figuring out what I'm going to do whilst there. Suggestions please? I've been once before but it was only for a couple days, hit the major sights/museums and went out to Versailles then. Want to do something different this time. And EAT. Been browsing chowhound trying to find suggestions and oh gosh, I think I'm going to spend all my money on food. ALL of it. Anyway, I'm going to be mostly on my own which I still haven't figured out if it's a good or a bad thing considering how bad I am at talking to people and making friends.

Things I need to do by Thursday;
1)Clean room
3)Finish yuletide signup and TPF secret santa survey
4)Find a place to stay in London (anyone know anywhere cheap? I just need one night, it's a 22 hour layover)
5)Figure out what to do for a week in/around Paris
6)Figure out what to do for a day in London
7)Pick up pants (finally got around to getting my collection of nice but too long pants hemmed! Seriously, that was like $500 worth of pants/jeans sitting in my drawer that I couldn't wear some of which I bought years ago)
9)Put new music on ipod (anyone have any listening suggestions? I've been basically listening to the Babel nonstop lately with some country tossed in) and new books/fic on e-reader (anyone have any new long fic suggestions? I should figure out my current fandoms but if there's anything you totally love in any fandom, please rec it! Hell I've been reading Teen Wolf fic lately and I've only seen like 3 eps, I'm totally good with reading in fandoms I don't know well)
10)...I'm sure there was a number 10. It'll come to me. Hopefully...

Sep. 10th, 2012

Romantic Volcano

Oh Ryan Murphy, I'm Not Sure if I Can Trust You

But I'm sure as hell going to try because the pilot for The New Normal was so freaking delightful. So glad Andrew Rennels was on Fresh Air today which made me want to watch rather than just feel obligated to check it out since it has Justin Bartha whom I love.

Honestly, people were all oh its NBC trying to do Modern Family buts its kinda not which is why it totally works (for the pilot at least. But Ryan Murphy does really good first seasons of shows so I feel safe for now). I love how Andrew Rennels was all Justin Bartha doesn't make a big deal about being a straight guy playing a gay character, he's just playing a great character in his interview. Now I love them both. Idk this show just hits all the feels! Its super sweet and funny and...I'm trying not to get too excited (think I failed) but its off to a really promising start.

Also, The Voice started and I'm reminded why I watch this show. Adam and Blake are too freaking adorable and they really do have the best auditions of any karoke show, even Carson manages to be tolerable during them. Too bad it gets really boring during the Battle Rounds and like every other karoke show during the Live Rounds.

Watching Go On since I'm too lazy to change the channel while tyoing this (ps. Why does LJ habe such shit mobile support? Now I remeber why I'm never on here, all my browsing these days is via tablet or phone). This shit better get canceled fast. I think they created this show off some mythical "what should work on TV" formula

Jul. 22nd, 2012

Romantic Volcano

My Latest Tattoo

So I've described the scene I'm going to have on my leg before where on my lower leg it's going to be a big 'ol twisted tree with two little girls sleeping under it and then on my upper leg it's their dream scene. I decided back in November that part of that dream scene was going to be the house from UP. Back in January I got the line work done for it.

And then in March I got the balloons coloured.

And then...things happened and I had to reschedule my last appointment a few times but Thursday I FINALLY got the house coloured!

Seriously, how awesome is my artist? He's the one who did my Harry Potter tattoo too and now I've got to start hounding my sister for the sketch of the tree (I really want her to do the basic art for it and then have my artist adapt it because those girls are supposed to be us) because I'd really like to get started on it in a few months. It'll take some saving for the line work though, especially since I'm also trying to save for a Europe trip in the fall.

and a small rantCollapse )

Jul. 16th, 2012

Lin Walking

So...it might be July?

Whoops? Ok, whatever, been gone forever. Why is it that it's whenever I get back into TV that I find my way back here (and yes, I have been pretty TV light the past 6 months. Grimm and Revenge were basically the only dramas I watched this spring and then there was the usual comedy lineup). I guess it's because my life is exactly the same. I go to work, I go to the gym, I go home, I do my nails. Whatever.

Anyway, since I've been all up with the fic reading and tv watching, I think it's time to get back with the LJ posting.

Ok what am I watching?

Leverage - I quite enjoyed the season opener even though I only watched because Christian Kane was all you best watch or else on his twitter since I'm really only mid s2.
White Collar - Again with the super behind but watched the opener anyway because it was on after Political Animals. Luckily I still read fic so I knew what happened.
Political Animals - EEE Barrish is a total HBIC! I really enjoyed the first ep, can't wait for more. Torn about whether I'm happy or sad it's a miniseries since at least miniseries typically have a really clear direction which I appreciate.
Common Law - I know USA just keeps the same formula for all it's shows but I don't care. It's a damn good formula and I relate to Wes so much. The one thing I hate about this show is the dog-piling on Wes during the therapy sessions, it makes me so freaking uncomfortable. That whole there's no emotional equivalent to sex thing? Made me want to punch Travis in the balls.
Suits - Umm duh. I love that I managed to convert my roommate to this since we don't really have much overlap in shows but it's fun to watch with someone. We don't let the other roommate delete eps since we're saving up for a marathon.
So You Think You Can Dance - My early favourites are Cole and Eliana although after last week Lindsay (totally off my radar) and Amelia (affection really bugged me) started to grow on me. This is the one show both my roommates and I watch so that's always fun.
Bunheads - I've read and heard interviews with ASP about how she wasn't trying to make another Gilmore Girls with this show but it's really hard not to draw the comparisons what with the quirky small town and the super fast talking brunette and Buddhist Emily Gilmore but still, it's a fun show and Sutton Foster is kinda awesome and the teenagers are fun and there's no super perfect Rory Gilmore for everyone to fawn over.

And shows I'm catching up on/caught up on
Happy Endings - I don't know why this show wasn't in my life before. That was a dumb move for sure. Mainlined s1 in a day, thinking about rewatching before moving on to s2.
The Good Wife - So freaking good. I watched s1 and 2 in about a week each and ugh, I really need to see s3 and see if Amelia and Will really went through with it because they are so freaking adorable and I need more Cary and I want to be Kalinda and I want an Eli Gold talking to me all the time and yeah, I just really love this show.
Breaking Bad - Ok, technically I just started watching and am only 2 eps since but I totally see why my coworker and mom's husband have been trying to get me to watch it for years. Kinda glad s5 is being split since I'll definitely be caught up by the time they start airing the second half so I'll at least get to watch some of it live (I was going to shoot for watching the first 4 seasons in 3 weeks but eh, that seems a bit much)
Hart of Dixie - I didn't mean to watch this, I just happened to be on the couch when my one roommate decided to catch up on the 10 eps on the DVR and I...kinda got sucked in. Show has awesome music and adorable characters and Scott Porter and I really have no idea what choice I'd prefer Zoe to make.

And...I think that's it. Shit that's a lot of TV. Especially when you consider most of this was in the last 3 weeks or so. We'll talk books and music and my pathetic life later.

Jan. 21st, 2012

Romantic Volcano

Just some thoughts I have when I wake up at 5 freaking am on a Saturday

Thought the first: The other day I was chatting with my roommates about our childhood's and we realized it's kinda funny how looking back you can see how the things we did then were indicative of where we are now. I was telling the story of how my sister and I used to come up with wild elaborate stories for our dolls/toys and then when we were bored figure out how to kill/destroy them and it was mostly my sister pulling some crazy idea out and I'd come up with the plan. Now she's finishing up her art degree and I'm a scientist.

Thought the second: Why isn't there somewhere you can rent clothes online like there is for movies and games? Seriously, I did laundry last night and was putting them away this morning. It was two full loads and yet my drawers and hangers looked completely full. I could have gone another 2 months with only washing my jeans and underwear/socks and always be in clean clothes.

The thing is...I love buying clothes but I only wear about 30% of my wardrobe regularly since there are 3 places I spend 90% of my time; work, home, the gym. My other clothes I wear a couple times if I'm lucky before I get bored and move on. Even my work clothes I get super bored with within a month or two. It'd be so awesome if I could rent out some of those mid to high end brands I love and then when I get bored, return them. Same with shoes. And jackets. IDK I just want a constantly rotating wardrobe without being stuffed to the gills with clothes. I feel like there's a way this could work.

Thought the third: Now that I have my shiny new camera I really need to learn how to use it. Must contact photographer friends. Also, decided to start blogging about my NP obsession, more for a personal record than anything else. If you're interested it's All the Lacquer.

And now off to the gym. I don't know when it happened but I'm at the gym like 5 times a week now, it's nuts and kinda great. I run and go to yoga on Mondays, work with my personal trainer Tuesdays, run and go to pilates Wednesdays, sometimes go to yoga or bootcamp conditioning on Thursdays, skip Fridays, go to Cycle or Body Works + Abs either Saturday or Sunday (or both, cycle one day, body works the next)

Jan. 15th, 2012

Romantic Volcano

I think my TV interest has finally come back!

So yeah, I spent the entire weekend at home watching all the eps of Downton Abbey...oops?

More oops because it took me so long to get to it. But really, my backlog is quite ridiculous so whatever. ANYWAY, much love for the soapy soapy period class soap.

In which I babble spoilerylikeCollapse )

It's predictable and cheesy and far to much with the benevolent aristocracy but I love it and can't wait for series 3. I'll have to do a rewatch since I'm sure there's plenty I missed in the first marathon of OMG more more more!

And now it's off to the Hamptons for more soapydrama. Two eps of Revenge to catch up on! I'd totally forgotten that new TV started. I'll check the DVR for everything else but Revenge I must have noooooooow.

Dec. 25th, 2011

Romantic Volcano


Hallo LJ land, hope you're having a wonderful December 25th whether or not Christmas is your holiday of choice. I know I am.

Granted I've been up and finishing the cooking I had to do for family togethertime BUT I just saw the e-mail with my yuletide fic and OMG it's sooooooooo awesome!Rince and Repeat is a Glitch (the game I waxed poetic on)/Discworld fic that is the best of all possible explanations for Rube (which my request was for Rube backstory so absolutely perfect)

Anyway, it should be a nice day for me. Presents and breakfast with the roommate's this morning. Presents and dinner with family later which I'm sure will involve loads of drinking (I'm already planning on spending the night at aunt's just in case, good thing I live like 10 min away and don't have to work tomorrow). Maybe mom and her husband will come up earlier and I'll make us lunch but it seems unlikely given her track record.

BUT YES, Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! <33333

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