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Romantic Volcano

Guess Who I Saw Tonight

This week is the Ebert Overlooked Film Festival here, and really, sometimes their choices in overlooked baffle me (either cause it's soooo not overlooked or was totally overlooked for a reason), but pyralisha and I went tonight cause ALAN RICKMAN was the special guest for the film Perfume: A Story of a Murder.

First, that film was all kinds of fucked up. Holy shit. It wasn't bad, but holy crap. Anyways, afterwards Alan Rickman came out with two other guys and they talked and there was a Q&A with the audience and the horribly pretentious comments and questions from probably theatre majors and the obligatory Harry Potter questions. It was amusing, there was much laughter and Alan Rickman is soooo awesome and has the most amazing voice ever. We probably should have stuck around to see if we could ambush him and get him to take a picture with us, but we decided to leave and get Taco Bell instead.

We were up in the balcony, but I got a couple pictures and a 2 min video. Sadly, I forgot that the battery was dying til about 20 min before we left so I didn't have much time to charge it, but he does say in the video "What Potter thing" in his awesome you're an idiot voice and one of the pictures has him with his legs crossed and one hand on his knee and another has him with his hand to his face in this kinda "oops" way (he had just commented on enjoying watching the filming of a scene with dancers that also happened to be a huge orgy many times over a few days) I'll post these in a couple weeks when I am home and back with my computer (OMG two weeks from today I get to leave!)

On a different note, why the fuck are people who park in Urbana such assholes? OMG it's the most fucking obnoxious thing ever, they like HAVE to have two feet in front of and behind their car so a street that should park 6 or 7 cars can only park like 4. RAWR get over it assholes. AND there was this motorcycle sitting in the middle of this area that could have held two cars and at least one could have fit if the damn drive would have just moved it up or back a few feet. Who parks a motorcycle on the street anyways? Right, that was my rant, I'm over it (kinda, maybe, not if next time I go to my car it's raining and I have to walk super far)


omg jealous beyond all reason. Alan Rickman. *dies*