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Romantic Volcano

Fic: Revelations in a Van [Doctor Who: Mickey/Jake] PG

Yes, my first post in over a week and it's fic. I'm alive though! Went off to see musicianatheart and had a lovely time and a refreshing break from the internets. If there's anything I missed that I just have to know, link me eh? I have a detailed post planned for later =D

Title: Revelations in a Van
Author: semirose
Pairing: Mickey Smith/Jake Simmonds
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1100
Summary: A stop at Mickey's Gran's prompts a conversation and revelations for all.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is not owned by me.
Authors Notes: Written for lgbtfest (and is so not my original prompt which refused to form properly) Thanks to bergann for looking it over for me.

It took Mickey 3 months to figure out he was in a relationship with Jake.

3 months of casual touching and bad jokes while blowing up factories and more often than not sleeping in the same space and it was none of those things that tipped him off. All it took was a visit back to London and a quick stop to say hello to grandma.

A hug and a kiss coming in the door and then a demand to fix something in the kitchen and as he moved to do it, almost as an afterthought, “Oh, and do you know Jake?”

She slapped him upside the head. He stared at her stunned, not that it did any good.

“Of course I know Jake, how could I forget your boyfriend Rickey? How senile do you think I am?”

Mickey saw the look of pain that crossed Jake’s face and his first reaction, like it was whenever Jake got hurt in the field or was reminded of something painful, was to do something to take the hurt away. Normally that something had to do with comedy, but suddenly it was the urge to kiss it away that overwhelmed him and finally he registered what Gran had said.

He spent the rest of the day in a state of mild shock, trying to process.

“I’m not gay,” were the first words out of his mouth once they got back to the van.

Jake closed his eyes and Mickey found himself fascinated with the look crossing his face, some kind of cross between an amused smirk and a sad smile.

“I never said you were.”

“But Rickey was?” He’d spent the whole day confused, thinking about this and that was one of the conclusions he’d drawn. One, Rickey was gay. Two, Mickey was not. Three, Rickey had been in a relationship with Jake. Four, Mickey was not. Five, maybe Mickey was. Six, calling himself Mickey in his head to differentiate from his alternate world counterpart was weird and needed to stop.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know,” Mickey almost screeched before remembering that would be too girly. “How can you not know? Y-you and h-he and the two of you,” Mickey stuttered, not knowing why he couldn’t say the words out loud.

“Dated. Shagged. Spent a hell of a lot of time together. We never discussed whether it was just blokes he wanted or if liked girls too.”

“Ok yeah, but what do you think he was?”

Jake was quiet, obviously thinking. It occurred to Mickey that this probably wasn’t the reaction Jake was hoping for when this revelation was made, and then he started thinking, why was he reacting like this? Before Mickey could follow that line of thought Jake sighed, rubbing his hands through his hair.

“When did you know you fancied girls?”

“The first time I kissed Rose” Mickey said without thinking and then he froze. He hadn’t really expected to say that, but it made sense. He’d grown up with her, known her her whole life, and loved her for almost as long, although in what sense he wasn’t sure of anymore.

“Rickey didn’t have Rose,” Mickey whispered, realization dawning. Trying to think of how growing up without Rose might have changed him. For as long as he could remember he’d heard people saying how cute they were together, it had seemed like the thing to do to kiss her that first time and he hadn’t really thought outside of her until she went away. There hadn’t been any point when she was always there. It always came back to Rose.

Mickey stared at the dashboard thinking this through before turning to Jake, who was sitting in the drivers seat, hands with a death grip on the steering wheel despite the fact they weren’t moving, head bowed and eyes closed.

“I have fancied guys before,” Mickey said quietly. Jake jerked, almost like he’d forgotten Mickey was still there, but he turned and gave Mickey a ‘go on’ look. When had Mickey learned all of his looks?

“I just didn’t realize it. But there was this guy Jack, he traveled with Rose and The Doctor for a bit and I was so busy being jealous of him that I didn’t realize it. And of course there’s The Doctor. I mean you met him so you know.” Jake nodded, but he’d tensed up at the mention of The Doctor and Mickey knew why so he moved on. “He can change his body you know. Rose and I knew one before this new one and there was something about both of them.”

Mickey stopped and took a deep breath. This next bit was the hard part. “And there’s you.” Mickey saw Jake freeze, saw him staring, eyes full of hope and pain and sadness, but he couldn’t stop now. “I didn’t realize it until I was told, stupid Mickey right? But there’s definitely you, because I like being with you and doing things with you and hell we’re practically dating without sex and kissing already.” With that Mickey leaned in and started kissing Jake, his first kiss with a guy and strangely enough there was nothing weird about it. Just Jake and Mickey, in a van, kissing.
Because Jake was kissing him back and in fact this was quite nice. Nothing like kissing Rose or Trisha (although more like Rose than Trisha since there was feeling behind this kiss), in fact it was probably better.

It was Jake who pulled away.

“I-I can’t,” he whispered, head down so Mickey couldn’t see his face, but he could hear it in his voice. Tears.

Jake looked up and stared at Mickey full in the face. Studying him. “I look at you, and most of the time I see you. You’re Mickey, but sometimes. Sometimes…”

“Sometimes you see Rickey,” Mickey said softly and Jake nodded.

“It’s not fair to you, or me. Besides you just figured out some major revelations, it’s not the time. Not now.”

“But not never?”

Jake smiled, and it was the first full smile he’d had since they’d walked into Mickey’s grandmother’s and she’d spilled the secret Jake had been keeping the last three months. “No, not never.”

“So we’ll go on like we have, dating but not,” Mickey declared, “You and me, in a van, saving the world.”

They grinned at each other and Jake finally started the van, ready to get them out of London and back into the world, just a little different than before.


I luvvvvvvved these two on the show and I really don't think they get written enough. And this was brilliant stuff!

Thank you so much for writing this! Absolutely yummy and achey, just enough to make it perfect.
Thanks! They really don't get written enough and they are so awesome together.
Oh this is so good. I like the line about Mickey referring to himself in the third person, and how they're in a relationship without Mickey knowing it. And I have a weakness for Mickeys with a crush on Jack (although I always thought he fancied ten and not 9, because he went from fighting with the Doctor for Rose's attention to fighting with Rose for the Doctor's attention after the regeneration). I thought you did both characters justice. So good work. Thanks!
Thanks! Heh yeah I think he was more attracted to Ten, but I think in retrospect for Mickey there was something. Idk it made sense XD
I really enojoyed this. Not only did their reactions make satisfying emotional sense, but it said a lot about the caring type of guy that Mickey is. (I also loved the moment of his grandma!)
Thanks! Yeah I don't think Mickey's caring side gets enough love. Well, Mickey doesn't get enough love either.
Yay for Jake and Mickey.
I love Rickey's grandma, and way Mickey's fitting into Rickey's life and the way he's not.
Oh, I love this--it's perfect.


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