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Romantic Volcano

I think my TV interest has finally come back!

So yeah, I spent the entire weekend at home watching all the eps of Downton Abbey...oops?

More oops because it took me so long to get to it. But really, my backlog is quite ridiculous so whatever. ANYWAY, much love for the soapy soapy period class soap.

Ok soapoperay dramas are a major weakness of mine since forever (*waves at Monarch of the Glen*). It's fun that everything is so predictable. Of course the baby had to die, of course they had to cast doubt on the dead heir, of course Bates wasn't going to die and Lavinia was. It's just so much fun! I still swooned and squealed when Matthew proposed to Mary at the end of the Christmas special even though both of them are going to fuck it up again and again until the show ends and then they'll have their marriage and their baby boy to carry on the name.

So who do I like. Obviously Violet since Maggie Smith is flawless. Carson and Mrs. Hughes are amazing, Edith is growing on me although she still seems a bit one dimensional from bitchy unhappy middle child to quiet simpering oh let me help middle child, bah, O'Brien is pretty interesting although like isn't the word I'd use exactly.

As for dislike, oh gosh do Daisy and Bates need to shut-up. I hope Daisy will be less obnoxious in the next series now that she's resolved her William guilt but I fear there's no hope for Bates and his idiocracy and we will be subjected to it til the end of the show. I can forgive Matthew and Mary's idiocracy but ugh, Bates just grates. Let's tell pointless truths and hide pointless details and do everything wrong and drag the overly sweet maid into the whole mess and let her hang for years and years (and man does time on this show move weirdly).

As for the rest, I'm ambivalent about Sybil other than loving the actresses voice, Cora I'm conflicted about, Robert is far too soft, Thomas is deliciously bitchy, Edith should take lessons, Isobel is fun especially when she goes toe to toe with Violet (and to a lesser extent Cora), Mary and Matthew I just want to pat on the head and send them off to bed, they're so adorable and stupid.

It's predictable and cheesy and far to much with the benevolent aristocracy but I love it and can't wait for series 3. I'll have to do a rewatch since I'm sure there's plenty I missed in the first marathon of OMG more more more!

And now it's off to the Hamptons for more soapydrama. Two eps of Revenge to catch up on! I'd totally forgotten that new TV started. I'll check the DVR for everything else but Revenge I must have noooooooow.


YAY I AM SO HAPPY SOMEONE ELSE WATCHES THIS. I spent like two days watching both seasons and I was just hooked and loving all of it. My dad of all people got me into it.

I pretty much agree with everything you said. Also, I will never forgive Daisy for not being in love with William hahaha HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THAT MAN?! Jesus murphy, he was the most precious.
Hee see I recommended it to my mom and her husband without having seen it and then they bugged me about why I haven't seen it yet for months, but yeah, 5 min of the first ep was all it took to get me hooked. So much love!

IKR? William was amaaaazing! Silly idiot girl.
I need to find the Christmas ep. Seen all of what's aired in the US so far.

I love this show something fierce. It's perfect in every way, omg. <3
Well its set after s2 so I imagine PBS will air it with s2 or something. I was too impatient and had to dl everything after spending Saturday with s1.

It's really fab. I love that it doesn't take itself so seriously and how gorgeous it is and just everything *happy sigh*