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Romantic Volcano

Dear Yuletide Author...

Wow, sorry my dear yulegoat that I fail completely at this letter writing thing. Sorry for making you have Elyn poke me too!

>First a bit of generality;

General likes: crossovers, AUs, slash, gen, het, femslash, keeping the feel of canon while not being a slave to it, in character for the situation voices, humor, action, drama, outside POVS.

General Dislikes: OOCness, disregarding canon for no reason particularly when it comes to things like dates and ages (hard facts vs. actions which can be tweaked all you like), MPREG.

And now specifics;
Political Animals - TJ has always been the one everyone gravitates to, the one who, for good or bad, commands everyones attention. Douglas has spent his life just trying to get noticed.

Basically I'd love a Douglas centered fic, pre-series growing up in the White House or as he's working towards being the perfect son or during the show even. If author wants to go the TJ/Douglas route I wouldn't be opposed.

When I started watching this show (and *sniff* so sad it's not getting another season) I was immediately drawn to Douglas and how he's completely thrown his life into his parent's lives and how even though he's 30 and getting married he's still Dougie to them and how he seems to be going out of his way to be seen as something more by his parents who just see him as the good son. Even fandom was completely taken with TJ although I am glad he had his blow up at the end and they realized that just because he wasn't taking drugs and trying to actively kill himself that that didn't mean he doesn't have problems too.

What I would really love is a character study, preferably from an outside POV but from Douglas' would be fine too. At any time in his life and with any of the people in his life.

Pitch Perfect - I want all the femslash! Aubrey/Chloe and Aubrey/Beca are the pairings I'm particularly interested in although seriously, any of the girls would be fun.

Ok honestly, I'm not sure what else to say here. The movie was fun and I just loved all the girls' interaction. Some pre/post movie Aubrey/Chloe would absolutely make my day but so would Aubrey/Beca. And I absolutely loved all the girls in the group so if anyone there caught your eye then go for it. If femslash isn't your thing then I'd love some Aubrey/Chloe BFFness with jealous Aubrey when Beca comes in. Honestly, I can't think of a single scenario I wouldn't be happy with as long as the girls are the focus so I'm sorry if this is less than useful to you.

Revenge - These two are my favourite bff relationship on tv right now. I'd love to see something with them.

Sadly I've only seen the first ep of the second season (but I'm sure I'll be caught up by reveals so feel free to spoil) but I was so taken with the evolution of their relationship from her barely tolerating him to absolutely needing him in her life despite not wanting to need anyone. Amandily is so broken and Nolan's not exactly whole himself but they are just so freaking good together I can't stand it.

The Voice RPF - They are just too adorable together! Would love to see something fluffy with them, especially if Miranda is like heck yeah, go for it, I'm going to be over here with my Pistol Annies gals (or Christina) 'cause you know that's what's up. Maybe Adam's all post-breakup sad and Blake's there all big and comforting with a touch of snark to cheer him up.

I'm sorry but here's another one where I don't kow what else to add. Honestly, I just want all their cuteness and snark and banter and I just threw in Miranda because I love her to bits and love her and Blake's relationship.

So yes, I don't know how helpful that was since it seems like all I want this yuletide is big piles of fluff (although I know with Revenge it's almost impossible not to throw in the angst) but honestly, there is nothing I wouldn't be happy with. I was so rushed when I did my signup that I just went with the things that I knew for sure I'd love anything in. There is no way you could disappoint but I am sorry for how lacking in detail I am right now.