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Romantic Volcano

Oh hi there...

IDK I'm not going to say I'm going to start using LJ again since that obviously never works but I want to so I shall try.

Tonight I went to a Dala gig and oh I left the show feeling so happy and smiley because those two are so lovely and cute and funny on stage. I hadn't even heard of them until a couple weeks ago when they were on WBEZ but as soon as they started playing I knew I was going to love them and oh how I do.

I was actually crying when they played Horses. That second verse is so homehitting.

And then they followed it up with Best Day which was so necessary after the emotional punch of Horses.

The only thing about the gig was I was sitting at a table with this super cute lesbian couple and they reminded me of my aloneness =( Someday I'll be in a super cute lesbian couple and go see super cute folk duos. I've decided this is a new life goal.

Oh, one more thing. Great Escape totally reminded me of super fluffy Sterek fic. (idek I've only seen a couple eps of Teen Wolf 'cause most of the characters annoy me but I've spent the last few days weeks mainlineing Sterek fic so everything reminds me of Sterek really but still, this song is so worked through the angsty issues and living an awesome life together Sterek)