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Romantic Volcano

Heeeeeeeeeey Yulegoat, what's the what?

Dearest Yulegoat,
How's it going? You excited for this the most wonderful time of the year?

First of all thank you so much! I know I'm going to love anything you write because how could I not so let's all relax and have some fun! In general I don't really have any hard squicks but I'm not super interested in purely porn fic. I love family closeness (found or otherwise) and shenanigans and heists. Hamilton and Gotham Academy I'm fine with shippiness, Over the Garden Wall I'd prefer not with each other, B99 no thank you please they are best bros. If you feel the need to stalk me I am semirose almost everywhere on the internets (except tumblr because someone took the name I've been using on the internets for 14 years now! Rude! It's geekomai there) although twitter is your best bet for finding current info.

Over the Garden Wall - Auntie Whispers, Adelaide

I love literally everything about this world and there is nothing you could write that would disappoint me. I was tempted to ask for Wirt and Greg because yay siblings! But the entire show is about Wirt and Greg and I realized I wanted to go deeper into the woods and luckily the show provides us with the perfect pair of sisters to explore! What was it like growing up in the woods? How did they end up on such different paths? Do they know the Woodsman? Have they been to Pottsfield or any of the other places we saw? Met the people we met? Have they ever left the woods? I just want anything set at any time! I'd definitely welcome anyone else showing up in the story.

Gotham Academy - Olive, Pomeline

I know I know our dorky fangirl Maps is literally the best part of Gotham Academy and I didn't request her, how dare I, but I just couldn't resist Olive and Pomeline's antagonistic relationship! I'm such a sucker for frenemies and I just can't see Maps/Olive just yet (the hero worship is just too strong and there's the whole Kyle thing...maybe in a few years...which actually if you want to go to there, I'm fine with that too. Maps is always welcome!). ANYWAY Olive and Pom, I honestly can't think of a situation I wouldn't want really! In school, out of school, present, future, past, supportive of each other, completely at odds, solving mysteries, just hanging out, hate sex, bored making out, Maps POV, anything!

A Dark Room - Builder

Builder is so freaking fascinating! I mean leader of an occultist group joined with humans against the Admiral (sorry, I know I'm referencing The Ensign a lot but it just gives so much more info on her! Here's some screenshots but warning for war/genocide talk) hanging out on a ravaged earth stoking a fire? I love her and want to know more! Before, during, after the rebellion, I just want to know!

Hamilton - Laurens

LMM said something somewhere about if Laurens had survived he would've been Hamilton's Madison and it stuck with me so much, especially after listening to Dinner at Mr. Jefferson's (aka the room where it happened) which goes on quite a bit about Madison and Jefferson's relationship and how they balanced each other and I'm always so sad that Hamilton was so close to having that and didn't get it.

I'd love a fic from Lauren's POV, during the war, AU where he survived, AU where he's a zombie, no AU just watching from the other side, just him being there for Hamilton in anyway he can even if A.Ham doesn't know it.

Brooklyn 99 - Charles, Rosa

Charles and Rosa are the best bros ever ahhhhhh! I love their relationship so much and just want more more and more! Period. End of Story. Exclamation point. (But Rosa and Charles talking about new Gilmore Girls would be amazing. Also relationship buddies. Also anything.)