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Vis Sit Tecum

4 June 1987
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Hello and welcome to my boring little piece of the web. I'm Maia and I'll be attempting to entertain you today :)

I'm rather boring, you do need to know this. My entries pretty much revolve around TV, various fandoms, and personal stuff. The personal stuff is sometimes flocked, however fandom ramblings and random TV/movie squeeage (and the occasional news rant and book review, when I'm feeling intellectual) are unlocked. I ship everything and anything and change my obsessions more than most people change clothes (or at least more than my sister changes her clothes, make what you will of that). If you'd like to follow me anywhere else I have a handy list of where to find me.

There are very very rare occasions when I write fic, it's typically short and of dubious quality. Skip over that. Really, you should.

IM me if you're bored and feeling like squeeing over random things. Seriously, I have no life. Things like that make me happy.

If you feel like friending, just do it and maybe drop a comment in my last post so that I know since I don't normally check these things. ♥

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